Obsessed with Transparency

About US

Who Are We?

Abbas Optical was founded in 2012, with the objective to make eyeglasses accessible, affordable, and forever wearable. After spending 4 decades since 1980 of time in the optical business. We truly believe in taking charge to bring our goal to reality.


Our vision is to make eyeglasses accessible, to earn happy customers by providing affordable frames and lenses with the desired quality they love. Abbas Optical understood lockdown life & came up with these offers for your favorite eyeglasses at Rs. 2/- power lenses starting Rs. 649/-


  • When you shop at Abbas Optical, you can always be assured of the highest quality standards. Every eyeglass is meticulously crafted with the utmost care. It goes through a thorough quality check to ensure zero tolerance to any error.
  • We always look for better and newer ways to do things; from the offers that we run to the experiences that we deliver.
  • We are open in our interactions with our customers. Our prices and policies are always transparent. As our tag line says Obsessed with Transparency

Wider Range

We have over 3100 unique designs of eyewear for men, women & kids, not to mention, bringing this number up is easy but we choose quality over quantity. From sunglasses to reading glasses to contact lenses, we make everything that can help you achieve clearer vision with no supervision.


  • So Simply Compare.
  • We’re not going to say “Our prices are lower than any of your local optician/vendor” Or any other phrase to convince you.
  • We recommend you to please compare before your purchase and we believe you’ll find us again for this incredible pricing and quality.


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

All AO Eyeglasses come with a 1-year warranty.